Title : Heading back to the E.R

Autor : Valérie (Poormulder)

Written for the september MR contest : "Heads up challenge"
(second place)

G - Third person POV
Vignette, MT.

Summary : Mulder comes back at the ER sometime after his brain surgery.

Heading back to THE E.R

I’ve been at the hospital for only ten minutes when a very upset cab-driver rushes into the waiting room, calling for help. I fly outside and discover that his passenger is unconscious on the back seat.

I look at him and remember him immediatly. He was the one who arrived a few weeks ago, agresive and really out of his mind, and next comatose and unresponsive. Then he dissapeared a short time after, only to return some time later, weak from unauthorized brain surgery performed by some shadowy butchers. Some kind if FBI case.
His story was a hot topic of conversation and everybody in this hospital was aware of this guy and his injuries.

Despite his pale complexion, he seems to be in a better shape than the last time I saw him. He looks to have regain some weight and the ugly scars have faded a little.

I try to revive him with little slaps on his cheeks, and he suddenly open his eyes. His are so beautiful for a man and they take me aback, they’re very green, very glazed eyes. I can't help myself but smile and he responds weakly.

"Can you stand up for a while and follow me inside, Mr Mulder ?"

"Mulder. Just Mulder. What ? You remember my name ?"

"You are not easy to forget, Mulder. You were kind of... high maintenance a few weeks ago."

He colored a little, remembering the fuss he’d made before his previous release. He stood up on wobbly legs and followed me cautiously inside. I lead him into a cubicle where I intructed him to lay down immediatly on the gurney, he complied, shivering in the draft of the room.

"So ? What makes you come see us again here ? Addicted to our charm and good humor, wonderful bedside manner perhaps ?" I said as I gathered my equipment for his exam.

He shrugged and closed his beautiful eyes.

"My head is killing me." The grimace lining his face confirmed that much.

"Have you taken something already for the pain ?"

"Yeh. I had 3 Tylenol few hours ago. It only make me puke my guts up."

I nod my understandment and begin my neural exam. Those cameleon pupils are equal and reactive, but light seems to hurt them. Their owner covers his eyes with one shaky hand, and moans silently.

While speaking softly to him, I stroke his chocolate brown hair with affection. The gesture seems to ease his pain a little, and his lean body relaxes under my touch.

"I want a CT scan performed as soon as possible. You may be bleeding... Do you know the particular cause of the headache ?"

"I was suppose to rest and…. Well, stayed all the day in front of my computer..."

I raise my eyebrows and I watch his face suddenly beam at me, like he has seen this expression on someone else he know lately..

"... I was bored to death and I was feeling so good this morning... Guess that makes me a dumbass huh ?"

His sensual lower lip give his features the most adorable pout I have ever seen. I can't help myself but smile.

He responds to my smile.

"It was not a brillant move, Mulder..."

"Yes, but... Oh God... please do something. Hurts..." His hands suddenly fly to both sides of his head and his eyes close with pain.

I heard the fear in his voice. I know that he is an active FBI agent and that a relapse will seriously compromise his job situation. A field agent needs to be 100% healthy and fit to perform his sometimes dangerous duties.

I start an I.V for fluids and Demerol and ask an ordely to lead him in radiology. The exam takes only one hour, and when I see him again he seems to be less in pain.

"So.. what is the verdict, Doctor ?"

"Well... the scan is strictly normal. No bleeding, nothing to cause this episode..." I see the relief in his handsome features, with no feeling of small relief of my own. He seems such a nice kind man.

"I hear a but coming..."

"But you have to take it slowly, Mulder. Your brain surgery took a lot out of you and your overall strenght will need a sufficient amount of healing time to build up again."

"You are sounding like my partner..."

"Speaking of her, do you want me to call Miss
Scully ?"

"NO ! no, please. And its Doctor. Scully. She will have my ass in a sling."

I laugh at his comment. I can see by his expression that his last comment isn’t entirely without its appeal to him either, but I keep that thought to myself.

"So... Can I go home now ?"

"No, I want you to stay here all night to be on the safe side and if you feel better tomorow, I will release you. I’m going to prescribe something stronger than Tylenol if you have another intense headache like this one. For now we will carefully monitor how you do overnight."

He seems content with the deal and slowly lets his droopy eyelids close. Its been a long day for him and all the tests and pain have sapped strength that he just doesnt have to spare yet. His voice is a little slurred by the medication when he speaks again.

"Thanks for your understanding, Carla."

He remembers my first name also. It pleases me very much.

"My pleasure, Mulder. My pleasure."